This testimonial is long overdue.  I have always received great service from Brian at Ness Auto Service.  However, in this case, I got great service even when Brian wasn't there.  On March 18, 2014 I was "out and about" when I noticed a problem with my power steering.  I was at Unicity, so I went to Canadian Tire and bought some power steering fluid.  I had hoped this would solve the problem but it didn't.   I managed to get my Mom home, but was still have problems steering, so I decided to go straight to Ness Auto Service.  When I got there, Brian was not there, but a nice man named Jeff was.  I thought I would have to leave the car there and have it worked on the next day, but I was wrong.  Jeff came out and looked at my car, and noticed I had a tiny hole in the power steering hose.  He said they were not too busy, so he could look at it right away.  This was at 4 o'clock in the afternoon.  Jeff said the problem wasn't too bad, and if I could wait, he could get it fixed right away.  True to his word, the hose was fixed, and I was on my way by 5 pm.  This great experience is just one of the many I have had at Ness Auto Service in the past four years, and why I continue to recommend this business to everyone.  There are probably not too many places where a person can get exceptional service, even when the owner is not there. Thanks goes out to Jeff!
Gord Henley 2014

My wife and I would like to put in a good word for Brian and his automotive repair business, Ness Auto Service, located at Ness and Mount Royal in St. James.  We had been having our vehicles serviced and repaired at this location for close to the past 25 years and, when it went up for sale several years ago, we were worried that this location might become just another coffee shop.  Then along came Brian.  Since he took over the business five years ago, we have come to rely on and trust Brian’s advice and work.  He is an exceptional mechanic who takes pride in what he does.  Above all – he is honest.  He won’t try to sell you something you don’t need.  This is a small neighborhood service station that has a small town friendly ‘feel’ that you won’t experience at a large dealership.  It is a place where you get to talk to the guy who worked on your car – not a smiling shirt and tie person with clean hands who doesn’t know you and has never seen your car.  It is without hesitation that we recommend Brian’s operation at Ness Auto Service.
Ken and Marlene Beaty, May 2011

I started having problems with my Toyota Rav 4 around March of this year it was making strange noises and the brakes had been fixed approximately 6 months ago, were not working well. My boyfriend went off the internet to try and find a reasonably priced mechanic and someone who was in the area. He found Ness Auto Service which was only 5 minutes from our place, and two customers had given rave reviews about the service. Brian and his team had my Rav up and running the next day. He took the time to explain to me what was wrong with the vechicle and charged me a very fair price. Not even a week later I was driving to work and my car was reving really high and I could not get it to stop. I thought it was something wrong with the brakes, so I called Brian I explained what was happening with the vehicle. He drove from his shop to meet me to assess the situation. He looked under the hood and was trying to figure out why the throttle would not close. He figured out that a mouse had got into my air filter and chewed it to bits. He offered to drive me home because I couldn't drive my car like that. He ended up fixing my car within an hour so I could get to work and charged me a minimal fee. The brakes are working great now and I have no more pesky visitors building their homes in my car. Brian interrupted his work day and took the time to come and help me get on my way to work. In this day and age not a lot of Mehanics or people for that matter would take the time to get someone up and running and not think twice about it. Thank-you very much Brian for all your help.
Tanya Park 2011